• Be the original electric story
  • Reimagine urban commute
  • Put people first, by default

Great products and processes are brought to life by the people. The Ather story is one of many, by many.

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How we hire

Once your application is screened, we assess what you do and how you do it.

How you work

The technical round helps us understand your approach to solving problems and the attention you pay to details.

So, move fast, but don’t break things!

What you see

In the functional assessment round, we analyse how you perceive the entire Ather ecosystem, and how you can contribute to it.

Because,none of us is as smart as all of us.

Who you are

In the cultural fitment round, we observe how you get your team to the finish line, and who you are once the race is done.

At Ather, it's about knowing your true north.

One mission,
many teams

Moonshots call for all hands on deck, and we're seeking minds that think epic! Explore open roles to find your fit.

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We’re reimagining urban commute, and what we’ve learnt (and unlearnt) along the ride is up for grabs to the Ather Vantage community.